The Glaciator X-Stream houses a remarkably powerful compressor, allowing colossal fog output levels. And because of its advanced, electronically controlled expansion valve, it has a rapid freeze down time and a fast recovery when fired. This means the Glaciator X-Stream runs continuously, almost infinitely, with a cool ease.

Its chassis design; with two high velocity fans and smart-flow ventilation, also keeps the Glaciator X-Stream ticking in environments of high ambient temperatures. And keeping an eye on internal components is done with an unparalleled simplicity using the Glaciator X-Stream’s Internal Diagnostic Assistance.

Featuring a Power Save System when passive, The Glaciator X-Stream is conscientiously efficient with energy and sound, and its cooling fans have a low noise operation when idle, benefiting theatrical and Studio applications.

The Glaciator X-Stream also has the option of an external fluid supply; allowing voluminous levels of heavy fog fluid to be stored up to 100 meters away from the unit and at a depression of up to 6 meters.

Where silence is golden and space is rare, the Glaciator X-Stream’s remote ducting system allows you to place the unit up to 10 meters away from its application area. A great solution, the remote access system does not in any way compromise the Glaciator’s X-Stream fog output density!

     • Density control: low, medium or high
     • Continuous output
     • 80 m2/min fog output
     • 3500 W heat exchanger
     • 15 min heat-up time
     • 5 liter fluid capacity
     • Different fluid options for different applications
     • Internal or external fluid supply
     • Low fluid sensing
     • Self contained unit: no C02 or dry ice
     • Onboard DMX
     • On-board control panel
     • Optional ducting system