There are many lights being used as truss warmers, but the TW-RGB9 is unique in that it was designed specifically for this purpose by a company whose actual expertise is in truss. Because of this, the TW-RGB9 isn't just another great RGB colour-mixing LED light, it's also got the perfect triangular shape and small footprint to fit trussing, and it looks awesome on stage.

Featuring DMX-512 protocol, the TW-RGB9 can create thousands of colors, produce color changes, and perform color fades with 0-100% electronic dimming. It's also equipped with pre-programmed color macros and a built-in microphone for sound-active operation, allowing it to be used without a controller.

Equipped with both three-pin and five-pin DMX connections, the seven-channel unit offers lighting pros the option of using a DMX controller. For those who don't want to get involved with DMX, the TW-RGB9 also offers a number of plug-and-play modes. There are five operating modes in all: color macro mode, color fade mode, RGB mode, sound-active mode and DMX control mode.