• 250 W discharge lampLong lamp life (3000 hrs)
  • 7 interchangeable colors plus 2 open positions and twinkle effect
  • 13 gobos plus open (3 with dichroic reflectors)
  • Manual focus
  • Separate shutter for strobe effect
  • Rotating and swiveling mirror drum
  • All major safety approvals CE, ETL and CETL
  • Rigorously tested for total reliability
  • DMX, stand alone (music or auto-trig) and master/slave function
  • Continuous operation - no cool down time needed
  • 12 pre-programmed macros for fast start-up

Extreme output
Screaming new reflector captures and throws out the total power of the Wizard Extreme deep into every corner of the night. With at least 20% more reflection the Wizard Extreme is unmatched in its shinning performance.

Extreme focus
Improved focus control allows you to home in on the exact image you need to relay. Designed for minimal maintenance, the Wizard Extreme houses a high-output 250-watt discharge lamp with a 2000-hour life that guarantees long-lasting performance.

The Cluster Option
A special optional multi-coupler is available to create the meanest centrepiece giving your space a total light and effect bombardment.

Box of TricksThe Wizard Extreme is DMX-intelligent and features a 7-color wheel, a gobo wheel with 13 stunning patterns (3 dichroic glass gobos) and a separate shutter for fast strobing.

Radical new gobodesign
Pumping new gobo designs keeps the Wizard Extreme planted firmly in the 21st century scene! Flexing both midair and projection effects, the Wizard Extreme covers every angle of the show like no other.

Extreme lamp adjustment
Broadening the Wizard's extraordinary ease of use, the new Wizard Extreme has effortless lamp adjustment located externally, so you need no other tools than the ones you’re born with!

Full Power
The Wizard Extreme is powerful enough to fill the largest venues with a dazzling display of effects. A constant swarm of more than 80 color gobo beams creates the biggest explosion of color and light. There’s nothing black about this magic.

The Wizard Extreme offers the best of both worlds: Extreme agility and unprecedented power. The Wizard Extreme is so versatile it can be used in any setting. Clubs, touring events, TV studios and mobile DJs.