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Exclusive technology
Coemar's patented Twin Lamp Technology (TLT) is a unique system which uses a twin lamp and optical system to dramatically increase luminous output whilst minimising power consumption.

Formidable output
The luminous output developed far exceeds that of mono-lamp technology: the TLT system does not sum the intensity of its lamps, but multiplies it.

One or two lamps - choose between power and energy savings.
It is possible to control one lamp or the other independently although most users will opt for the full power of twin lamps. The color and spread are the same using one lamp or two so the option is yours.

Framing output at will - The TLT optical system utilises additional glass filters allowing maximum and precise control of the beam providing the designer with the ability to accurately frame their subject.

• Manufactured from aluminium and stainless steel sheet
• Weather protection, high resistance matt black polyester paint
• 2 x GX 9,5
• Adjustable tilt positioning
• Graduated position indicator
• IP44 protection rating, meets standards CE

Lamps available
• Philips 575 MSD - base GX 9,5 - power: 575W - indicative lamp life: 3000 hours
• Luminous flux: 43000 lumen - colour temperature: 6000K
• Coemar code: 105215
• Philips 575 MSR/2 - base GX 9,5 - power: 575W - indicative lamp life: 1000 ore
• Luminous flux: 49000 lumen - colour temperature: 7200K

• Silent forced ventilation

• Patented dual lamp system
• 2 x "cold type" heat dissipating glass reflectors with quartzed dichroic (infrared) finish
• Amps adjustment in the optical system
• Very high luminous intensity with maximum use of the light obtained from the 2 parabolic reflectors with axial mounted MSR/MSD 575W lamps
• Built-in mechanical electronically controlled dimmer for complete adjustment of light output from 0 to 100%
• Adjustable fading curve

• Infinite colour output via CMY colour mixing system
Beam shaping devices
• 5 different interchangeable diffusion filters give different beam angles: 2 x symmetrical (med & wide diffusion), 1 x horizontal and 1 x vertical diffusion,1 x maxi diffusion
• 4 leaf-barndoor to shape the beam

Automatic functions
• Two internal automatic programs
• It can operate in the absence of a controller
• Synchronised master/slave ability

User interface
• 4 character multi-function display: dmx address, lamp life, test, signal presence, correct functioning, forced lamp on, activation and adjustment of automatic programs

Control signal
• Control via dmx 512 standard
• XLR 3 pin male female sockets IP 67 protection rated for dmx 512 signal connection

Lamp power requirement
•Built-in electro-magnetic ballasts and ignitors; power factor correction
• Indipendent dmx control of the 2 lamps

Mounting and fixing
• Any position

• 47,5 kg - 103 Lbs

Mains supply
• 208/230/240V 50/60 Hz
7A @ 230V