Cyberlight provides designers and operators with a luminaire (fixture) of unprecedented brightness, speed, accuracy and effects for complex lighting cues and scenes. The full-featured luminaire, with motorized variable frost from hard edge to soft edge; beam position and movement speed; focus; variable zoom; litho and CYM (cyan-yellowmagenta) color selection; color mixing; variable iris; variable-speed rotating lithos (0-50 RPM); full optical dimming; and automatic cooling system shutdown. Additionally, the fixture accepts stock and custom LithoPatterns, including Psy-Dye™ high resolution glass gobos, Art Glass and Special Effects lithos.

The Cyberlight features can be categorized into four main areas, listed separately below: control/ information features, lamp, optics, effects, and other features.

Control/information features
• Remote system enable/disable.
• “Info” LED displays lamp hours, lamp strikes, lamp voltage, lamp current, fixture voltage, fixture temperature, and the fixture version number for at-a-glance monitoring (no controller is required).
• Can be controlled by Lightwave Research (LWR) or standard USITT DMX 512 protocol:
• Use LWR protocol for online software uploads and control with High End Systems’ topof- the-line Status Cue system, for uploads only with the Cyberlight Upload Module, and for control only with the Cyberlight LCD controller.
• Use DMX 512 protocol if the Cyberlight is on the same link as other vendors’ control equipment.

• 1200 watt MSR/MSD lamp; 5600° Kelvin color temperature
• 750-hour rated lamp life
• Quick lamp change and optimization

• Computer-optimized reflector and lens assembly for maximum output
• Enhanced mirror increases efficiency
• Motorized zoom control (Cyberlight CL and SV models only; the CX has a 3-position zoom at 12°, 14°, and 18°)
• Zoom angle 12° to 18°—Cyberlight CL and SV only
• Motorized focus control
• Motorized variable frost from hard edge to soft edge
• Smooth, precise micro-stepped beam positioning
• 100% dimming, fade to black
• 170° pan – 110° degrees tilt
• Break-resistant mirror

• 16 million colors available via sophisticated dichroic subtractive CYM (cyan-yellow-magenta) color model
• Eight-position indexed color wheel with a versatile selection of richly-saturated dichroic colors plus open (white), custom dichroic filters available
• Upward, downward, and centered color correction
• Variable speed (forward and reverse 0-50 RPM) rotating lithos (from 0° to 360°) with
replaceable patterns (4 lithos plus open)
• Eight-position fixed litho wheel with seven easily-replaceable LithoPatterns glass lithos standard
• Litho mixing effects: rotating over fixed, or fixed over fixed
• Eight-position effects wheel, including multi-image prism effect, split color effect and subtractive color dichroic mosaic effect
• Infinitely-variable frost effect—Cyberlight CL and SV only
• De-focus lens effect
• Variable speed motorized iris control
• Variable high-speed strobe shutter (1 to 10 FPS)
• Variable speed mirror scan, litho, and color changes

Other features
• Pan and tilt swap; pan and tilt invert
• Selectable voltage and frequency
• Circuit breaker protection
• Six transport handles
• High-resolution stepper motors
• Durable black powder coat finish
• Yoke indexing with graduated scale reduces pre-focus time
• Adjustable mirror head deviation ± 20 degrees (pan)
• Thermal overload protection
• Power factor correction
• Meets international standards for safety and electromagnetic compatibility