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Mighty Output

The Color Force offers extreme light output, lighting an 8m / 26 foot drop cyclorama in your choice of colour.
Optional accessories include a Cyc lens plate for up to 5m / 20 foot drop and a Border lens plate for general purpose wash applications. The photos below demonstrate the Color Force output compared to a traditional 1kW cyc flood. Identical camera setting were used in the comparative photos.

              Color Force output                                           Traditional 1kW Cyc Flood output

Power across the Spectrum

The Color Force offers massive output across the spectrum, ensuring both vivid saturates and subtle colour palettes are available from a single fixture. It provides a single fixture solution for concert touring, corporate events, exhibitions, TV and theatre. The Chroma-Q RGBA engine has been developed to deliver an incredible CRI of 92, for true colour balance across the spectrum. Each 1000 lumen engine includes ColorSure technology for enhanced colour consistency across cells and fixtures.


The Color Force custom optical design provides a smooth, uniform output with outstanding colour blend across the spectrum.


Color Force features smooth, theatrical grade dimming and intuitive colour control for all console types.
Advanced software enables industry standard three channel RGB and HSI control for each ColorSure light engine. And a full range of flicker-free modes are included.


With separate RGBA control every 150mm / 6" and comprehensive built-in effects engine, the Color Force offers new possibilities in cyclorama effects.

Practical & Mechanical

• Stand-alone Master and Slave modes create additional usage possibilities.
• Mains power and DMX in at one end and out at the other for simple cable management.
• Hidden quick release fixings for fast deployment.
• Minimal distance between fixtures for seamless wall washing.
• Built-in power supplies.
• Rugged yet lightweight extruded aluminum body.