This circular Flexfill is available in 38 -inch diameters. Each Flexfill comes with its own zippered nylon carrying pouch, is fully guaranteed by Visual Departures - and is made in America. It can be mounted on lightstands with the same Flexfill Adjustable Holder that supports circular Flexfills. Flexfill Reflectors are made to last, with tough, fade-free materials securely stitched to the fabric sleeve that surrounds their rims. Fabrics are all carefully inspected for any deviations, and when we give you the dimensions of a Flexfill, they represent its useful area. Cheap knockoff reflectors include the rim fabric in their measurements, which greatly reduces their effective area!

One final note. With photographic equipment, as in much of life, you get what you pay for. You should know that Visual Departures was the first company to offer collapsible reflectors, and that we work hard to insure the highest quality in our products and the best service to the photographers who depend on them. Flexfill is the collapsible reflector. Accept no substitutes!

• Permits complete control of lighting contrast and quality, with both natural and artificial illumination.

• Collapses to a package one-third its working size for easy transportation and compact storage.

• Sets up and collapses in much less time than rigid reflectors.

• All fabrics are carefully quality- controlled to ensure batch-to-batch consistency.

• Comes with a zippered nylon pouch.

• Made in the U.S.A.