Introducing the Elektralite turbofog fog machine - With full extruded aluminum panels, heavy-duty twin grab handles, circuit breaker protection, & industrial grade rubber feet, the turbofog fog machines is ruggedly designed for mobility.

     •DMX-512 & Analog control standard.
     •Positive switch DIPs for address setting.
     •Fluid level indication.
     •Positive connect 5-Pin XLR in/out for synchronization of multiple machines.
     •Neon power indicator with electrical protection.
     •Drop-down side panels for ease of maintainence.
     •Thermal shutdown overheat protection.
     •“turbofog-BLAST” instantaneous high volume fog output.
     •Variable output allows for a constant stream of fog or for turbofog-BLAST.
     •Electronic thermal sensor, so power is supplied to the heater instantly when needed.
     •1000 watt heating element, 120v or 240v.
     •22 1/2”L x 9 1/8” W x 9 1/4” H.
     •1 U.S. gallon container.
     •Weight 26 lbs.

Remote Features:
     ·ABS contoured remote with 32-ft. cable, which can be attached to the machine.
     ·Rotary controls for variable output, duration of output and interval between output.
     ·Three color coded buttons for timers on/off, fog on/off and instantaneous turbo-fog blast.
     ·LED signal for timers, machine on and heater ready.