Using precision designed components coupled with a new electronics design known as Delta Technology™, Rosco’s new Delta 3000™ Fog Machine provides the tools to make fog and smoke a more versatile and creative component for any performance, film or video presentation.

The heat exchanger of the Delta 3000, the heart of any fog machine, is made of cast aluminum housing a robust 1500 watt heater element. The design of the heat exchanger, along with a unique electronic thermostatic control, is the key to creating unparalleled volumes of smoke – volumes large enough to fill most stages in less than a minute.

The other major innovation of the Delta 3000 is the harnessing of the Delta Technology to control the fog effect. This state-of-the-art electronics design allows designers and technicians to use fog and smoke the way they use light or sound: to have the effect start on cue at the correct level and end on cue. The Delta 3000 makes that possible through the choice of three different remote control devices.

The Digital/DMX Remote is the most sophisticated of these devices. The timers are “real time” timers which can be set in exact one-second increments from one second to 10 minutes. An LCD display on the device will display the operational menu in any of six languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese or Italian). The LCD display also works with a rotary encoder to make setting the DMX address easy and precise. It also provides the user with “error” messages when the machine is running low on fluid or cannot find a DMX signal.

The Analog/DMX Remote offers volume control, DMX control and on/off sequencers. The interface is analog using hardy switches and knobs to operate the machine. The DMX address is easily set from three rotary potentiometers, rather than the cumbersome dip switches commonly used. The unit has a red LED to indicate that the Delta 3000 is running low on fluid.

The Solo DMX Remote is designed for those situations where the fog machine will always be cued and operated from a DMX light board. It has the same three rotary potentiometers that the Analog/DMX Remote has for setting the DMX address. It also has the red LED for signaling that the machine is running low on fluid, plus other LEDs to let the user know if the machine is heating or ready for operation.

     • Weight: 18.5 lbs.
     • Dimensions: 16.5” x 13” x 7”
     • Heater: 1500W
     • Power Requirements: 120v, 14A; 240v, 7A
     • Volume Control: Yes
     • Maximum Fluid Consumption: 6.5 liters/hr.
     • Warm-up Time: 5 minutes
     • Reservoir: 4 liters
     • Air Input: Yes
     • Timers: Standard
     • DMX Interface: Standard
     • Hose Adaptor: 4”
     • Ducting Hose: 4” x 25’