This is who we are

Part artist and part engineer, we’re puzzle solvers who work with light and shadow. Alongside fellow artists, writers, directors and producers, we develop, design and implement lighting systems that heighten their storytelling, enrich the audience’s lives, and elevate entertainment.

Solutions are our service.

Establishing partnerships at all levels, we integrate our team directly into our clients’. This enhances communication and helps us embrace challenges in engineering, budget and design together, leaving the client fulfilled and the audience rapt.

We go with what we know.
And we know a lot.

Led by third-generation lighting experts, our team has deep relationships with some of the best manufacturers in the business. We know their lines deeply and understand how the equipment will behave in different settings and scenarios. This ensures that the lighting and controls are not only aesthetically perfect, they’re reliable night after night.

We’re part of the best team in the business

As a division of Pro Sound & Video, our abilities and expertise have expanded exponentially. Our combined team’s knowledge and creativity has created a true single source for sound, video, broadcast, control, design and lighting sales and integration.
And we’re just getting started.


Half a century later, we’re still here. And still loving it.
George Gill Sr, Founder

George Gill Sr, Founder

From well before we first opened our doors in 1967, we’ve been driven by an enduring passion as visualists. This lead us to work on some of the best productions in southern Florida and the Caribbean. When Orlando began establishing itself as a center of immersive entertainment, we were there, opening our second office in 1984.
Today, as part of Pro Sound & Video, we’re delivering comprehensive integrated solutions for venues and productions across the nation. Wherever entertainment is happening, you’ll find us there.

Latest News

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Gusman Philharmonic Hall, Miami, FL 1972
LED installation,  2018

It’s more than a business.
It’s a family.

Never is this more true than when one of our fellow entertainment technology professional is in need. This is why we support Behind The Scenes, a charity that provides financial support to entertainment technology industry professionals who are seriously ill or injured or to their surviving family members.
We hope you’ll join us in supporting their work.


Rick Rudolph

Rick Rudolph


Rick’s entire life has revolved around technical production. Having been with SEAL since 1977, he is not only a great leader but a person who has retained a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to offer a smarter solution.

Curt Contrata

Curt Contrata


Curt’s approach to lighting is with the same meticulous attention to detail as with the models he builds. No detail is too small, whatever it takes to make it right.

Mike Grosz

Mike Grosz

Vice President

Working closely with the Cruise and Hospitality industries he is an expert a getting the right parts to the right place at the right time – anywhere on the globe.

Steve Grieco

Steve Grieco

Rental Manager

Steve has worked in the industry for his entire career beginning with operating lighting systems for touring shows. He joined SEAL over 34 years ago. He now joins Pro Sound & Video with the same enthusiasm and commitment and will be lending his know-how in the complex projects that Pro Sound is famous for.

Michael Plane

Michael Plane

Sales Manager

“Yes And” and “Don’t Block” are principals of improvisational theatre that Michael continues to apply to any collaborative tasks he’s involved with. No idea is too crazy and he really enjoys finding a way to make a designers vision become reality.

Andrew Rudolph

Andrew Rudolph

Technical Consultant

Andrew is fourth generation working in the lighting industry, he has seen and done much despite his age. In his youth he could be seen counting gel and pushing road boxes in SEAL’s warehouse during summers and vacations.